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Their opponent was sultan al-malik al-kāmil, saladin's nephew, described as brilliant and devout, the very epitome of the islamic culture of his day 2 2 fareed munir, “prophet mohammad of arabia and st francis of assisi in the spirituality of mission”, in islam and franciscanism: a dialogue, ed daniel dwyer and hugh hines (st bonaventure, ny. Frank rega’s book, “st francis of assisi and the conversion of the muslims” goes into more detail about this extraordinary episode in the saint’s life francis, naturally enough, wanted to convert the muslims to christ and managed to get himself and a fellow friar into the presence of the muslim leader, sultan al-malik al-kamil. Cardinal jorge bergoglio's decision to choose the name of francis as pope has profound significance to muslims regarding muslim/christian relations. Eventually when confronted with the insistence and persistence of st francis, the papal legate allowed francis and one companion, brother illuminato, to go into the muslim camp early documents all agree that upon entering the camp francis and illuminato were treated very roughly.

When st francis preached to the muslims it is a little known fact that st francis journeyed to the middle east and witnessed to islamic leaders he was willing to undergo martyrdom, and even sought it, in order to preach christianity to the muslims. Peace prayer of saint francis is a prayer asking god to make us instruments of peace find this prayer and more catholic prayers at loyola press. South bend, indiana, march 30, 2006 (zenit) - in the 13th century, st francis of assisi ventured into muslim territory to visit the caliph of egypt and preach the gospel his example may provide a good role model for modern interreligious dialogue today, according to one scholar lawrence. The official website learn about the epic film that explores muslim-christian peace read curated articles and join the film's mission of peace.

In 1219 st francis and brother illuminato accompanied the armies of western europe to damietta, egypt, during the fifth crusade his desire was to speak peacefully with muslim people about christianity, even if it mean dying as a martyr. A clearinghouse of resources for catholics seeking to learn about islam and stand up for peace. St francis of assisi and sultan al-kamil: a bold christian-muslim encounter st francis of assisi (1181-1226) was the privileged son of a wealthy italian merchant but gave up his possessions and adopted a life of peace, poverty, compassion and nonviolence.

When cardinal jorge mario bergoglio became the new catholic pope in 2013, he chose the name of francis to indicate that his pontificate would be one of mercy and compassion for the poor and needy—for such is the reputation of his eponym, saint francis of assisi: “the man of poverty, the man of peace, the man who loves and. Franciscans and muslims encountered one another during the lifetime of saint francis (1181-1226) indeed, he sent friars to the holy land in 1217 two years later, crusaders fought muslim soldiers at damietta, egypt, near the mouth of the nile at considerable risk, saint francis engaged sultan malik al-kamil, their leader, in peaceful dialogue.

When it was announced march 13 that the church had a new pope who had taken the name francis, the first thing that popped into my head was, st francis was the first one to reach out to islam this fact had just recently had been reinforced when i screened a new documentary from franciscan media. An interview frank rega, author of st francis and the conversion of the muslims by michael baggot the relationship between muslims and christians received added attention this past easter when pope benedict xvi publicly baptized magdi allam, the most prominent. St francis of assisi accompanied the crusaders to egypt on the fifth crusade, and boldly walked right into the muslim camp in a spectacular attempt to preach christianity to the sultan and his followers.

Francis then explained: “that is why it is just that christians invade the land you inhabit, for you blaspheme the name of christ and alienate everyone you can from his worship”—a reference to islam’s dhimmi rules which, along with debilitating christian worship, make christian lives so burdensome and degrading that untold millions had. St francis and christian-muslim relations south bend, indiana, march 29, 2006 (zenitorg)- in the 13th century, st francis of assisi ventured into muslim territory to visit the caliph of egypt and preach the gospel. Christian history provides quality articles about the history of the christian church and is the official site of christian history magazine. Franciscans and muslims worked together to make a new documentary about the encounter.

South bend, indiana, march 29, 2006 ()-in the 13th century, st francis of assisi ventured into muslim territory to visit the caliph of egypt and preach the gospel. An interview frank rega, author of st francis and the conversion of the muslims. Title: saint francis and the sultan : the curious history of a christian-muslim encounter: publication type: book: year of publication. Pope francis vs st francis of assisi contrast: francis at the blue mosque, francis of assisi before the sultan by john vennari pope francis has “dared to do what none of his predecessors had ever done,” le figero ’s jean-marie guénois rejoiced, “to pray openly, side-by-side with a muslim dignitary.

Saint francis muslim
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