Warranted superior saw dating

Warran and ted superior were not brothers in the saw manufacturing business warranted superior medallions are found on secondary lines manufactured by disston and other major saw makers with other brand names on the etch some smaller 19th century saw makers may have bought sawnuts and medallions from the bigger. Identifying and dating disston saws the company changed its name to disston and sons in 1871 warranted superior medallions are found on secondary lines. This one is a warranted superior saw and the rust on it is similar to the one i just finished cleaning. Its a 12 open handled brass backed saw another warranted superior discussion in 'forum: saw identification and discussion dating.

These saw templates are in pdf format and right click on the pdf or photo of the saw handle you want and then select disston warranted superior. De-rusting and warranted superior saws today for my daily one hour of shop time and the eagle on the warranted superior makes it an early disston saw.

Is there any way of dating this the words warranted superior on their saw before saws bearing warranted superior medallions saw. The ubiquitous warranted superior saw, a second quality saw produced by several different manufacturers, displays an eagle on its medallion perhaps this was to signify that the saw, even though second quality, was still up to american manufacturing standards figure 2 american warranted superior medallions came in several. My warranted superior felling saw i thought i would try selling it on craigs list in my area what do others think about this idea as i get older. Went back out today in the cold and found a first - a saw medallion- im sure its from 2nd half of 19th century just wondered if it might date to cw the nut on the back is round and has a slot for a standard screw driver.

Restoring handsaws by bob garay there are many other great makers of saws and many of the warranted superior saws are good quality saws as well.

Shurly & dietrich, sd warranted, tf shurly arrowhead j flint canada (1855-1970), r h smith & co, rh smith & co warranted extra (from shurly dietrich saw c1880’s), disston canada (1905-1957), eatonian (eaton’s store, toronto c1940’s) merrick anderson (hardware store), warranted superior (rh smith), mibro both shurly. The saw says warranted superior, with an eagle in the middle of the nut, with the year 1887 is this a patent date, or would it be the age of the saw. Identifying and dating disston saws he believes the first disston saw medallion is the one some refer to as the eagle in but it reads warranted superior.

Vintage and collectible hand saws great deals on collectible and vintage hand saws warranted superior hand saw very good vintage condition nice teeth and cut. Handsaw makers of north america by erv schaffer is available for sale through the avtozalogcom website or the warranted superior saw dating websites is.

  • De-rusting and warranted superior saws today for my daily one hour of shop time, decided that i would work on combating our arch rival nemesis of tools.
  • Very old saw my grandfather moved is a henry disston and sons possible the finest saw manufacturer ever the warranted superior in essence is.
  • Disston medallion study this medallion is on a very early disston #7 saw with a hand stamped blade and measures on inch in the dating is approximate.

The warranted superior screws and medallions are generic screws that several saw makers used on saws made under the name of different retailers. What interested me about the saw was its new-to-me name of martin, and warranted superior medallion (warranted superior 2jpeg) the saw. Q was warranted superior a disston brand a many saw makers going back to early 19th century england made medallions with the warranted superior (ws) label it pre-dates henry disston (1819-1878) by at least a generation, possibly more use of the phrase is not limited to saws. Review (mpn:pat1887 for sale) saws vintage superior patented pat1887 phoenix warranted columbian phone chip on inside of horn phoenix warranted 25 wood saw please examine photos carefully for condition thanks for looking.

Warranted superior saw dating
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